Welcome to JAYork Farms
We a small horse operation.  We are proud of what we do. We take in horses that are need of a good home. Train them and place them in a great loving forever home. We also have boarding available to a limited number of horses as we like to keep it small for a quiet laid back atmosphere.

Payment Policy is that we will work with the potential buyer. We accept checks ( allowing 14 days for clearing), Money orders, Cashiers Check, Cash and Credit Cards. I can also set up a payment contract or leasing agreement. Leasing agreements last 18 months and the horse can be boarded with us or a local stables. Payment contracts the horses stays here unless arrangements have been made that the horses will be boarded at a local stable.

Shipping Policy is that all shipping is buyers responsiblity. Horses paid for in full must leave our possesion with in 10 days of purchase or boarding will incur at $10.00 a day unless other arrangments have been made.

Barn and Property Rules are that we do not horse play ( horses do enough of that on their own ), No Smoking around the horses, Be Patient, No Bad Language, If you need help ask. We are here to help. Please make sure you aware that horses and the activity with horses is a inherited risk and we the owners will not held liable at all for injuries to you are the horse unless it is our horse. I want this to be a safe fun experience.

Please us our contact page for information on how to get a hold of us.